• O&MED School of Medicine (Phase I)

O&MED School of Medicine (Phase I)

The School of Medicine O & Med, Dominican University Organization and Methods (O & M) is a new paradigm in medical education in the Dominican Republic. It offers a comprehensive curriculum in English and with a research and humanistic approach in seeking to develop a new medical professional profile based on the highest international standards.

This was explained yesterday during a talk the director of the O & M, Eddy Pérez Mateo, and the managing director of the school, Germán Darío Agudelo. Dr. Perez-Then said during a talk he gave to medical students of the academy, there are fundamental aspects that differentiate O & Med and make position as a School of Medicine and innovative international.

The doctor, PHD in Global Health at the University of Miami, said the new School of Medicine initiated a new educational paradigm in the country, with the potential to become a leader in the development of health professionals and critical thinking a holistic view of how to apply their knowledge to impact aspects of prevention, treatment and social improvement.

While Agudelo said that the vision and the fundamental motivation of the institution is to make a great project for a great country. ""The Dominican University O & M is an institution in continuous process of innovation and transformation, whose ultimate goal is the pursuit of improving the processes of education, research and extension," he said.

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